Friday, October 21, 2011

Lukisan Hidup deCzar Google Search Engine Most Popular Ranking

Based on Google Search Engine Optimization SEO Web tool, they have found (7) search result in top 100 of Search Engine Result Pagerank.

The most popular search of Lukisan Hidup deCzar from Google search engine is :

1. Kongsi Gelap? Ape Tu!!! (Part 1)
2. Manchester United moved giant step.
3. Complain letter for Bill Gates.
4. Fixie phenomenon.
5. Kesan radiasi panggilan telefon.
6. Gereja terbesar telah dibina di Bukit Jalil.
7. Sepatu nike untuk wanita.

Kindly see the snapsort for full summary from SEO SERP's.


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