Kongsi Gelap!! Apa Tu??

Aku tak faham kenapa sekarang ini ramai budak sekolah (remaja) terutama budak-budak Melayu terjebak dalam kegiatan kongsi gelap dan kumpulan-kumpulan gangster.

Fixie Phenomenon

A fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel bicycle, sometimes known in the USA as a fixie) is a bicycle that has no freewheel, meaning it cannot coast means the pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving.

Sepatu Nike Untuk Wanita

Kuning menunjukkan simbol Keazaman

Light Painting Photography Art

Light painting is the art of capturing those lines in photos. This is a very stunning and captivating look that you can use to create some gorgeous photographs.

Damn of Public Buses

Important Thing Situation Of Public Buses At Malaysia That I Hate Is :

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dato' Dr. Hj. Fadzilah Kamsah Kata, Orang Yang Lahir Bulan Oktober Ni..

1.      Mudah Patah Semangat.

2.      Boros & Mudah Dipengaruhi Persekitaran.

3.      Orang Yang Adil.

4.      Suka Kegiatan Luar.

5.      Ambil Berat Tentang Orang Lain.

6.      Mudah Terusik Hati & Cemburu.

7.      Romantik Dalam Percintaan.

8.      Pengasih, Penyayang & Lemah Lembut.

9.      Suka Melancong, Bidang Sastera & Seni.

10.  Daya Firasat Yang Sangat Kuat.

11.  Emosi Yang Kelam Kabut.

12.  Suka Berangan & Pandai Bercakap.

13.  Emosi Yang Mudah Terusik.

14.  Tidak Suka Terima Pandangan Orang Lain.

15.  Suka Melihat Dari Perspektifnya Sendiri.

16.  Tidak Menolong Orang Kecuali Diminta.

17.  Macam Pentingkan Diri Sendiri.

18.  Cepat Marah.

19.  Hatinya Cepat Terusik Tetapi Merajuknya Tidak Lama.

20.  Sentiasa Berkawan.

21.  Mudah Rasa Simpati, Baik & Mementingkan Kawan.

22.  Tidak Pandai Berbohong & Berpura-pura.

23.  Kecantikan Luar & Dalam.

24.  Sangat Menawan & Sopan Santun.

25.  Suka Ambil Jalan Tengah.

26.  Suka Orang Yang Sayang Padanya.

27.  Suka Berbual.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Family & Friends Now A Blogger.




Sory guys,kami terpaksa private-kan & rahsiakan blog kami. 
TQ. =)

Monday, February 07, 2011

Apa Kata Mereka.

Kata-kata umpama pedang tajam yang bisa menikam, kata-kata juga ibarat sutera yang bisa melembutkan hati, kata-kata adakalanya ibarat air yang bisa menyimbah api yang marah dan kata-kata ibarat badut yang membodohkan diri sendiri. Terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata buruk padahnya.

1.Adolf Hitler,Pemimpin Nazi :

Alangkah beruntungnya penguasa bila rakyatnya tidak boleh berpikir.Aku tidak perlu berpikir kerana aku adalah pegawai pemerintah.

2. Charles de Gaulle, Presiden Perancis Pertama :

Ahli Politik tidak pernah percaya akan ucapan mereka sendiri, kerana itu mereka sangat terkejut bila rakyat mempercayainya.

3. Sukarno, Presiden Pertama Indonesia :

Dalam sebuah revolusi, bapak makan anak itu adalah hal yang lumrah.

4. Lyndon B. Johnson, Presiden AS ke-36 :

Apabila dua orang selalu sepakat dalam segala hal, itu bererti cuma seorang yang berfikir.

5. Henry Ford,Pendiri Ford Motor :

Berfikir adalah pekerjaan berat, kerana itulah sedikit sangat orang yang mahu menggunakan otaknya.

6. Roberto Goizueta, Pemimpin Coca Cola :

Musuh-musuh kita adalah kopi, susu, teh dan air putih.

7. Alexander Dumas the Younger, Pebisnis :

Bisnes ? Caranya mudah sekali: gunakan sahaja wang orang lain.

8. Agatha Christie, Novelis Misteri :

Pengumpul barang antik adalah suami yang paling baik, kerana semakin tua isterinya, semakin ia mencintainya.

9. AnatoleFrance, Penulis :

Buku sejarah yang tidak mengandung kebohongan pastilah sangat membosankan.

10. T.S. Eliot,Penulis :
Penulis yang masih muda, meniru. Penulis yang sudah berpengalaman, mencuri idea.

11. Andy deCzar, Blogger Bersiri :
Korang baca je lah apa yang aku tulis ni, selamat membaca. =p

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Liverpool VS Chelsea Game Previews

Tonight match-up between the Blues and the
should be, at least for the neutral, completely unmissable. Chelsea vs
is not exactly the friendliest of games at the best of times, largely
due to the feud between Mourinho and Benitez of recent years, but this year
should be even fierier.

Fernando Torres, who decided to hand in a
transfer request at Liverpool, just 3 days before the transfer window shut in
order to force a move to Chelsea, will be in for the majority of stick from
Liverpool fans, while the Chelsea faithful will surely get behind their new
hero, adding fuel to this particular fire.

Liverpool fans will be hoping that Torres
does not score against them but how often do you see players scoring on their
debut for their new clubs? Sky Sports must be over the moon as a game that
would already be much sought after has now become a global focal point.

Putting the Torres show to one side, we
have to remember that Chelsea should also welcome the debut of talented
Brazilian defender, David Luiz, while Liverpool should see one of their new
signings, Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez, make a full debut after his cameo
against Stoke. Their other signing, record British transfer Andy Carroll is
still attempting to return from injury.

Chelsea are in 4th place
currently after a big dip in form but have found a winning way once again and,
more importantly, have found their fighting spirit again of late; demonstrated
in their 2-4 victory over Sunderland on Tuesday. The whole team is seemingly
pulling together and while a League victory is a big ask, considering the 10
point difference between them and Man Utd, you can never underestimate them
with 14 games to go.

Liverpool have also found winning form,
with critics of Kenny Dalglish found wanting, as he shows that he isn’t out of
touch with the game by constantly changing tactics, making excellent team
choices and substitutions, while maintaining the level of Liverpool wit and ingenuity within every press conference.

The bookies are backing a Chelsea victory
and there isn’t much value; Soccer odds of 8/13 at William Hill are the best
you will get. Surprisingly, considering that Liverpool are in decent form and
are playing well the bookies have given them a massive price of 5/1 – also
found at William Hill.

With the added spice of this game, I think
it will be an tight affair and the more likely result is the draw – I just
cannot see Liverpool giving up on this game, while Chelsea have a lot of
firepower going forwards. The draw is priced at 3/1 with Victor Chandler.

With a tight affair in mind, I’m looking at
the value in the varying markets and the 5/1 at Bodog for a draw at half time 
and a draw at full time definitely appeals.

The 0-0 scoreline actually appeals too but
with a couple of new players on show there will surely be a goal or two so look
to get on the 1-1 result at 7/1 with William Hill.

With that in mind, the Evens at Bodog for
both teams to score seems a massive price as if one team scores in this game
then there’s no way that the other won’t push for it too. I can understate the
passion that will be shown in this game, purely because of 
one transfer.

Chelsea possible first team:
Cech; Bosingwa, Ivanovic, Terry, Cole; Essien, Mikel, Lampard; Anelka; Torres, Drogba.

Liverpool possible first team:
Reina; Kelly, Skrtel, Agger, Johnson; Kuyt, Gerrard, Lucas, Maxi, Meireles; Suarez.

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